About Friern Barnet Library

A Company Limited by Guarantee.

Company Number: 8369031       Registered Charity Number: 1154956

Trustee Group:   

Please Click here for Minutes (added in March 2018)


Cllr Pauline Coakley-Webb (Liaison with Barnet Council), 

Harvey Donnelly (Treasurer),

Lorraine Donnelly (Volunteers and Volunteer Rota),

Anne Finnie (Safeguarding),

Joanna Fryer (Chair),

Felix Maguire (Premises),

Cllr Reema Patel ( Grants and Legal Advisor),

Cllr Barry Rawlings (Liaison with Barnet Council and  Advisor on most matters affecting the library),

Rudolf Stravens (Membership),

Hugh Weldon ( Secretary)

John Jenner (Book Sales)



To contact the Trustees please email: friernbarnetcommunitylibrary@gmail.com 

The Team: 

Volunteer Co-ordinator : Anne Levens (annelevens1@gmail.com)

Lead Interviewer for Volunteers : Lorraine Donnelly

Volunteer Librarian and Chair of the Library Working Group : Anne Storey

Events Liaison: Joanna Fryer                          

Website & Newsletter Editor: Martin Russo and Farhad Iza 


To contact the team, please email: friernbarnetcommunitylibrary@gmail.com


Benefactors of Friern Barnet Community Library:

  • London Borough of Barnet
  • Social Investment Bank
  • Jesus Hospital Trust
  • Voluntary Care for the Elderly
  • Eleanor Palmer Trust
  • Friern Barnet Educational Trust
  • London Borough of Barnet Education Project


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