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Dear Volunteers, here is a page I am trying to set up [to be used only by Library's Volunteers -to communicate, like a  Blog &  Forum!
Soon, It would be protected by a password and I would let you know when it is completed... 
For now; you can see a copy of the latest edition of our Volunteers-eNewsletter (in simple html) below on this page, I am also trying to use this as a way to communicate and perhaps it could make our time more e/officiant in helping our library...!


New edition of FBCL e-Newsletter.
Number:  80.   22  September - 2017.
The People's Library.
Friern Barnet Community Library. Friern Barnet Road, London N11 3DS -Tel 020 8361 0174, Click to visit our Website
Dear Volunteers,

Welcome to your e-Newsletter, Number 80
New edition, September -22  2017. 

Hello everyone, 
I am glad to have some updates to inform you about, as it is been quiet over the summer. I hope you have had a great summer, and yet looking forward to better days! 

Volunteers are doing great and public appreciate the work you do in the Library. Despite 'running low on volunteers' for a period over the summer holidays - we managed well just thanks to you all... I hope you would find this newsletter useful, as always I would be very happy to hear any 
suggestion you may have. 
 Ceremony of 'Summer Reading Challenge' on 16 Sep 2017 at Friern Barnet Community Library

Anne Story has provided the below message - to be sent to Library's volunteers.
       a procedure guide for Volunteers on returning-books, barcodes, shelving and more...;
  • Please can everyone continue to check for books coming back from loan which do not contain one of our barcodes and put these in the box or on the Library Working Group (LWG) shelves – it’s been really helpful, so thank you for doing it so far!  You can also put any new books here too – they should not go on the shelves until the LWG have seen them please.
  • There is a new instruction for board books.  I’m not putting these on the catalogue because they’re very ephemeral.  So they won’t have our barcodes inside. As they are too shiny and very often too small  to attach our date stamp labels to, I have now put a white address-type labels on the back of each one for date stamping purposes.  This label contains the library name and phone number at the top and you can date stamp the book being taken out underneath this.  There’s no need to write who is taking them in the loans book either – I’m happy for people to return them on trust.
  • If you get any board books returned which don’t have this white label on the back, please put them in the box for returned books which don’t contain barcodes and I’ll sort them out.  If you can’t find the box please put queries on the LWG shelves with a note attached saying why the books have been put there.
  • I’m finding that books I’ve already discarded and books I’ve not seen yet, are appearing in the box/on the LWG shelves with date stamp labels in them.  Very often I end up having to remove the labels when the books are then put out for sale/discarded.  This is a bit of a waste of someone’s time and a waste of labels, so please don’t attach labels to these books. 
Lastly, the LWG have been weeding the adult non-fiction and moving the books up to create space in order to eventually lessen the number of books on the moveable shelving units so that they’re easier to move around.  This is a work in progress and we’d appreciate it if everyone could keep the cleared shelves empty for us to work with each Sunday. I’ve put a notice on the shelves so you can see which ones we mean.
Many thanks
'Summer Reading Challenge'  Concluded with a Ceremony at FBCLibrary. 

On 16 - September, in Friern Barnet Library, we have completed the mission of this year's 'Summer Reading Challenge' successfully and issued certificates and medals to all the children who participated so keenly.
Pictures were taken from this year's ceremony at Friern Barnet Community Library- Summer 2017

              Happy, especially now; For becoming A Certified Reader!

During this Summer we have had so many children [and their parents] visiting our Library to participate the Challenge - much more participants compared to the previous year - and they seemed to be enjoying it very much!

Thanks to all volunteers, and special Credit to;

Hugh Weldon
Helen Oliver

Reading Challenge Co-ordinators

Library's Website;
Please note you can always see the latest information on all classes, events & announcements on Library's website, as it is updated at least once a week - depend on the information I receive from volunteers & trustees- it would be more up to date.

Latest Changes to our regular programmes;
# Creative writing - update;
Creative writing has been postponed for one week and will now commence on Saturday 23rd September 12-1.30 

# Pilates - update; 
Pilates Classes starting time has changed, now it is 9:45 to 10:45 am on Tuesdays & Saturdays. 

Police Surgery; Police Surgeries in FBCL to be updated soon, But - We usually have the Police Surgery 
at our Library on 3rd Thursday of the month 3:30 to 4:30 pm

You can also report crime via the new police website   Https://beta.met.police.uk

 Reminder!  I copied a message from an earlier edition [previouly written by Joanna Fryer] and added it below for your notice;

Dear Volunteers, 
Helen (volunteer) and Anne (Librarian) will be coming in at various times to bring you all up to date on new arrangements in the library. Please listen carefully to their instructions and follow them. We will be updating and simplifying the staff handbook and will post written instruction as reminders. 


Please see Weekly programme/events below, to know more about our classes... (For updated info please visit Library's website);.


                                                                        Weekly Classes;


English Classes - TEFAL, 9:30 am.

Pilates, £6 (9.45am am)
Knit and Natter (11 am) 
YOGA* 7pm-8pm. 

English classes between 9.30-10.30am 
Computer Classes, 2017 New Programme. 9:30 - 10:30.
Baby playgroup: Mothers and Toddlers Rhyme time session 11-11:45am 

Computer Classes*  9.30-10.30
A playgroup for toddlers from 11-12.30pm
Knitting  from 1pm onwards 

Computer Classes  9.30-10.30  

Pilates on 09:45am - 10.:45
Creative Writing; A new creative writing course in the library on Saturdays from 12 to 13:30. Career Advice Service is Resumed on Saturdays, 11 to 13:00 at the library.

Sundays:  Closed..

As always, I would appreciate if you inform me with any updates you may have [either for the website or for this Volunteer's e-Newsletter]. You can find my email address at the end of this newsletter. by emailing me on;   
iza.farhad @ gmail.com
e-Newsletter Co-ordinator
Wishing you a great time!

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