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Friern Barnet Community Library



FBCL- Your own library.


Barnet Libraries Temporary closuresupdated info 

For up-to-date details on Classes & workshops running in FBC-Library please see our;




Friern Barnet Library have two new Servers and this is thanks to;

Penelope, Staff and in particular Richard Dickinson and Ginny Lee.

Penelope have kindly donated two PowerEdge T310 servers to the library. A big thanks to all the staff at Penelope, and in particular Richard Dickinson and Ginny Lee. You are helping to keep the computer services free and available for local users.

Penelope provide IT support services to the third sector, charities and Not for profit organisations.



Summer Reading Challenge is here! at Friern Barnet Library 

Please ask a member of staff if you would like to enter Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 11. Last year over three quarters of a million children took part.

This year's Summer Reading Challenge is Animal Agents, illustrated by the UK's best-selling children's illustrator Tony Ross. For 2017, there's something peculiar happening at the local library - and that's where the Animal Agents come in! It's a detective agency staffed by all kinds of clever animals - furry, scaly and slippery - and these guys are out to crack the case with a little help from their friends.

click here to find out about this year challenge! 


Events & Announcements: 




If you have any information regarding below picture, Please contact 101 - to complete an investigation-  or inform Library. (*picture is for 24th July 2017- about 2:30pm - Friern Barnet at Library).

Click for a Larger Picture 

   Gain The Confidence To Get Started Writing...

   Creative Writing... at FBC-Library

Resuming our Creative Writing with Sandra from 22 April 2017, at Friern Barnet Community Library.

Creative-Writing-Feature-Image_2.jpgA new creative writing course starts from 22nd April 2017 in the library. Saturdays from 12:00 to 13:30.Please register your interest in person at front desk, or Tel: 07980 539021, e: sandra.turner99 (at!) Minimum donation of £2.50 (per session) or, £12 for 6 weeks. All donation to Library funds (the library is entirely run by Trustees & volunteers. The money raised helps to keep the library afloat). 



FBCL_Library__our_website__to_inform_them_of_recent_hack_25522_cyber-attack.jpg  Protect yourself online!

In the wake of recent 'computer hacks & ransomware' across the UK, here we gathered some information that you might find it useful to;

Get familiar and updated with these scams and learn simple 'Tips and Tricks' that would protect you online!




Learn to write HTML and CSS in FBC-Library


Learn to build a simple website and view it in a browser. Over five-one hour lessons you will write the basic code for a two-page website, then style it and add links and images.


Limited places due to equipment limitations. Class Starts on Thursday 11 May 2017. 6 -7pm. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Colin Thomson at 079283 00 267, or email at



Careers Advisor;  


Resuming Career Advice service in our library, with Steve Hawkyard.



Saturdays from 11 to 13:00, at Friern Barnet Library. Please ask Library's desk for more info.




Arts and Crafts, at Friern Barnet Library;


Community Focus (CF) is an inclusive multi-arts centre based in Barnet. We work to encourage members of our community of all ages, backgrounds and abilities ...

A lot of creativity and fun was had at the arts and crafts sessions (see photos below). And if you are still keen this Tuesday there will will be creative crafts from 2-4 pm.

New Children's Area.  Children's Area in our Library just got better!

It is done. - to make it enjoyable for children and their guardians visiting our library. 

Here is how it's improved: 


Computer Classes in 2017 - New Programme.

Running on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.30 to 10.30 there will be a new eight-week course covering all the basics you need to know to get started.Please choose your day and sign up on the form available at the library desk. You can also call us on 0208 361 0174 and ask for your name to be added, or email


There will also be a drop-in session on Mondays started from 27th February open to all to practice any particular skills or follow up from work done on the Wednesday to Friday sessions. All classes are free, but it is essential you sign up in advance if you want to attend one of the Wednesday to Friday sessions.

Please see Weekly programme/events below, to know more about our classes...


Are you or someone you know, affected by sight loss?

Sandra Turner is the Local RNIB Connector. 
She can be found in the Library on Mondays and Wednesdays between 1pm and 3pm. you can contact her via; or ask staff at Friern Barnet Library.

RNIB; We’re the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and we’re here for everyone affected by sight loss. Whether you’re losing your sight or you’re blind or partially sighted, our practical and emotional support can help you face the future with confidence. To find out more about RNIB and what it does click here.


Bare Bones Drama Project-

.Next session for 'Bare Bones' . In friern barnet Library, ask desk for more information about Bare Bones Project & next sessions.


Book Group - Katie Wood

Group Reading - at Friern Barnet Library.

Please ask Staff for more info. 

  Please note; Pilates Classes starting time has changed, now it is 9:45 to 10:45am on Tuesdays & Saturdays.


Police Surgery.

The Police Surgeries at Friern Barnet Community Library  (in 2017) are confirmed as below;




    Thursday          23rd    March  2017    from  1530 -1630 hours

    Thursday         27th   April  2017   from 1530  -  1630 hours 

    Thursday        11th    May 2017 from 1530 - 1630 hours

    Thursday        15th  June 2017 from 1530 - 1630 hours


    (Future Police Surgery Dates- To be Confirmed..,)

    Thursday       T.B.A. Aug 2017  from 15:30 - 16:30 

    Thursday       T.B.A. Sep 2017  from 15:30 - 16:30 

    Thursday       T.B.A. Oct 2017  from 15:30 - 16:30 

    Thursday       T.B.A. Nov 2017  from 15:30 - 16:30 

    Thursday       T.B.A. Dec 2017  from 15:30 - 16:30 

        *Police Surgeries in FBCL To be Updated Soon

Police Surgery 2017

Dear Ward Member,
This is to make you aware of a recent type of crime slowly affecting motor vehicles with keyless technology. Please ensure that you keep the keys of those vehicles away from the front door of your properties so that they cannot be scanned with an electronic device.
The suspects are using a scanning device that scans the frequency of the car keys and then they copy this to be able to gain access to the vehicle and drive it off. This relates to all vehicles fitted with keyless operating systems from 2010 onwards.
Going forward - Crime prevention tactics include:
- Having secondary means to secure the car Krook Locks on steering wheel or similar devices..
- Car keys should also be kept at the back of the house in a drawer or cupboard so that the key is shielded and out of range.
Kindly find attached a crime prevention leaflet on keyless motor vehicle entry.
Many thanks,

Police Surgery.


The Police Surgeries at Friern Barnet Community Library  (in 2017) are confirmed as below;  

Many thanks,
John Timothy Mo .S. KAMARA PCSO 7177SX 
    Coppetts Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team, 
    Barnet Borough 
     29 Friern Barnet  Road, N11 1NE 
MetPhone: 556663  
Mobile:07920 233 744 
Telephone:020 71618019

Summer Reading Challenge in 2017, in Friern Barnet Library. For more information please click here.


 Summer Reading Challenge 2017


  Weekly Activities;


English ClassesTEFAL, 9:30 am.



Pilates, £6 (9.45am am)
Knit and Natter (11 am) 
YOGA* 7pm-8pm. 



Computer Classes, 2017 New Programme. 9:30 - 10:30.

English classes between 9.30-10.30am
Baby playgroup: Mothers and Toddlers Rhyme time session 11-11:45am 


Computer Classes*  9.30-10.30   

A playgroup for toddlers from 11-12.30pm
Knitting  from 1pm onwards 


Computer Classes  9.30-10.30  


Pilates on 09:45am - 10.:45

Creative Writing; A new creative writing course in the library on Saturdays from 12 to 13:30.

Career Advice Service is Resumed on Saturdays, 11 to 13:00 at the library.




Creative Writing...

Resuming our Creative Writing with Sandra at Friern Barnet Community Library.

Gain The Confidence To Get Started Writing...


A new creative writing course starts from 22nd April 2017 in the library. Saturdays from 12:00 to 13:30.Please register your interest in person at front desk, or Tel: 07980 539021, e: sandra.turner99 (at!)

Minimum donation of £2.50 (per session) or, £12 for 6 weeks.

All donation to Library funds (the library is entirely run by Trustees & volunteers. The money raised helps to keep the library afloat).


Just, To.., Thank you all for your participation in your Community-Library..!



Want to help? Volunteers are always welcome at FBCL

We are always interested in new volunteers to work two hour shifts on our rota, but have a particular requirement at the moment for people who are able to work on Saturdays to do a two hour shift between 11 am and 7 pm (Normally, 11-1, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7). If you are interested and available at those times, please contact or request a volunteer application form from our desk staff.

Novel Focus Group: Ever dreamed of writing a novel? If you interested for next term, please contact Greenacre Writers

The session will take place Friern Barnet Community Library, Friern Barnet Road, N11 3DS
If you are interested in joining this group; email:



More arts and community activities in Barnet  

Need legal advice,

If you want some advice and help with an issue or some legal advice, you can contact the citizen advice bureau, please click here for details click on CAB


Public Libraries News


Want to Hire FBCL?  


Please contact us if you’d like to book  




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