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*we always welcome your help at FBCL

You can join our volunteer team if you have some free time to offer, request a volunteer application form from staff desk, or see our contact details section on this page to contact us. It would be a welcoming place for everyone to join and your help would be much appreciated...




We  are  also pleased to report that we now have four additional computers for public use and a brand new printer which will enable higher quality printing (including colour printers at a cost of 50p a copy), so do come in and make use of them. 

Do you know if anyone has a CD player they no longer need?

In September, a group will begin on Monday and Wednesday mornings between 9.30-10.30 am teaching English to people with limited English language skills (ESOL) and the teacher needs a CD player. This class will be funded by the £5000 grant the library received from Barnet Council and a crèche will be available.

Green Tokens from Waitrose

Thank you to the library users and friends who put their green tokens in the FBCL slot during June at Waitrose North Finchley. Waitrose will be presenting a cheque to the library in late August for our share of the £1,000 divided between three local charities. Waitrose are helping the charities and as customers we are supporting Waitrose.

Waitrose WHETSTONE will have FBCL as one of their three charities during SEPTEMBER. Whichever branch of Waitrose you use – it can be on holiday in Skegness if that’s where you go – please remember to keep the green tokens to put in the Whetstone box during September. Nothing to stop us starting to collect them NOW. That is how successful fundraising works.

Dear library supporters

At present the Library Working Group are going great guns on getting the computerised library system/catalogue up and running. This will allow us to issue and return books electronically and you to see what books we have in the library. We have also been sorting out the physical space too.

 So far volunteers have added over 5,000 of our approx 10,000 volumes to the system. We  work in evenings and on Sundays when the library is closed – so you don’t normally see us, just the result of all our hard work.  The Children’s are now looks far better, with a special area for older readers, making it easier for children to find their stories and books to help with homework.  We have rearranged the adult non-fiction, so that it is in the proper order (that took a whole weekend of very hard work!). We have a separate oversize books section too, which means that we no longer have large books on high shelves. Our next big job is to really sort out the adult section and add all of it to the computerised catalogue.

All of this means that we cannot accept any book donations at all for the time being. 

We simply don’t have the space or manpower to handle the loads we are getting left. Eventually we will be open to some donations, but this won’t be for some time yet. Please pass this message onto anyone you know who is thinking of giving books to the library and say that the best thing to do is to take unwanted books to charity shops locally.

Thank you for your understanding

Anne storey and the Library Working Group

Speak up for libraries are interested to hear your views about volunteer lead libraries. The 'Voices for Libraries' website states that: 

A few years ago, public libraries run by volunteers were almost unheard of. But more and more local authorities are turning to the idea. And more and more local people are taking them on as the only way to ‘save’ them.

Speak Up For Libraries (a coalition of organisations and campaigners, including Voices for the Library) wants to hear from anyone with a view about these volunteer-led libraries in the UK, whether they are a volunteer, a library worker or a library user.

Email: :

So, if you want to offer your thoughts about volunteer lead libraries, email them at the above address or simply click here  


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  • BARNET CARERS CENTRE: New project by Barnet Carers centre – ‘Time 4 Change’ : About Young Adult Carers, aged 14-25 and to improve their life chances. The project is all about helping them with information, resources and other forms of help to make sure they get the best out of life, but also manage their caring role. If interested, please contact: Francesca Lestrade, Time 4 Change Co-ordinator,
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