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November Message, Archive

Foreign language books are moving!

The Foreign language books which used to be on the spinner unit beside the photocopier are in the process of being catalogued and moved.  They are to be shelved on the adult non-fiction shelves at 400 with a three letter language designation below e.g. FRE for French, ITA for Italian etc..  This means they will be just in front of language dictionaries and grammar books.

The Library Working Group haven’t finished them yet, so a few are left on the spinner unit, but over the next few weeks these will join the others at 400.  Any children’s foreign language books will be at FB 400.

The reason for moving them is that the spinner isn’t really big enough and we can’t easily group all the languages together there.  There are ideas about how we’ll use the spinner in the future, so please leave it empty for the time being.

A few more pleas from the LWG.

if you have any books returned which don’t contain one of our barcodes at the base of the first right-hand page, or don’t have one of our hand-written spine labels (or blue or yellow dots on Children’s Picture Books or Early Readers) on them, please put them on our shelves in the anteroom, so that we can catalogue them to make them ready for use for electronic issue & return.


Also as far as is humanly possible, please don’t accept donations, unless they are good quality/condition children’s books.  We just don’t have the manpower to deal with the number which are still arriving. Having to sort them all out seriously hampers getting the Library Management System up and running.  We know it’s difficult to reject donations brought in, but there are various notices around asking our readers not to bring them in for the time being, and readers can take them to charity shops.  Bear in mind that we have no storage, so anything left has to be sorted immediately or the library will be unworkable!


Many, many thanks from the Library Working Group.

Kind regards




September messages, Archive: 

Anne Story has provided the below message - to be sent to Library's volunteers.
       a procedure guide for Volunteers on returning-books, barcodes, shelving and more...;

  • Please can everyone continue to check for books coming back from loan which do not contain one of our barcodes and put these in the box or on the Library Working Group (LWG) shelves – it’s been really helpful, so thank you for doing it so far!  You can also put any new books here too – they should not go on the shelves until the LWG have seen them please.
  • There is a new instruction for board books.  I’m not putting these on the catalogue because they’re very ephemeral.  So they won’t have our barcodes inside. As they are too shiny and very often too small  to attach our date stamp labels to, I have now put a white address-type labels on the back of each one for date stamping purposes.  This label contains the library name and phone number at the top and you can date stamp the book being taken out underneath this.  There’s no need to write who is taking them in the loans book either – I’m happy for people to return them on trust.
  • If you get any board books returned which don’t have this white label on the back, please put them in the box for returned books which don’t contain barcodes and I’ll sort them out.  If you can’t find the box please put queries on the LWG shelves with a note attached saying why the books have been put there.
  • I’m finding that books I’ve already discarded and books I’ve not seen yet, are appearing in the box/on the LWG shelves with date stamp labels in them.  Very often I end up having to remove the labels when the books are then put out for sale/discarded.  This is a bit of a waste of someone’s time and a waste of labels, so please don’t attach labels to these books. 

Lastly, the LWG have been weeding the adult non-fiction and moving the books up to create space in order to eventually lessen the number of books on the moveable shelving units so that they’re easier to move around.  This is a work in progress and we’d appreciate it if everyone could keep the cleared shelves empty for us to work with each Sunday. I’ve put a notice on the shelves so you can see which ones we mean.
Many thanks



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