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Hugh Weldon- chair
Samar Barakat- minutes
Dave Cope
James Dawson
Sophie Dawson-Matthesius
Ulrike Matthesius
Sheri Darby
Harry Gluck
Penny Marlton
Keith Martin
Frances Briers
Anne Storey
Susie Caird
Apologies for absences- Joanna and Kate
Look at previous minutes (from March 2016 – June minutes not
More regular meetings hasn't been able to happen
Volunteer morale good- further needed for manning on
Saturdays- still the case- quite a few new volunteers
Saturday is still an issue- closing at 5 rather than 7 due to lack of
volunteers, but footfall is low 5-7. Looking for volunteers for 5-7
Harvey was treasurer but he has since resigned as treasurerManaging
at the moment but are looking for a new treasurer.
Computerised membership records- this has been discussed by
trustees recently but decision needs to be made on difference
between library members and charity (paid) members
Anne Storey and the Library Working Group have been working
to make the library system online.
Discussion that computer users need membership to use
Discussions going with trustees as to whether membership to
support us should be different to library users
could help bring others in- e.g. From Princess Park Manor
Increase revenue
Cost effective
Publicity could help once this membership is brought in
Visit to Chaville- Hugh went to do work experience exchange
visit- Some ideas from there but it's very different
Redecorating the interior- unsure what's happening at the moment
but it links to lease that's discussed later
Recent activities in Library in past year
Continuing to offer variety of events that attract a lot of peopleComputer
classes run by Hugh (Thursdays and Fridays)- full
house for Thursday classes but vacancies on Friday- 9-10 week
English classes on Mondays and Wednesdays- very popular (20+
people sometimes) but in suspension at the moment due to
funding- discussion with Friern Barnet Educational Trust. They
are usually free, but due to funding, it may cost around £1
Book group- 8-10 members once a month with Joanna
Childrens groups run by Helen Oliver- Wednesday and Thursday
morning- 20+ children.
Schools summer reading challenge – another successful year.
Helen Oliver is also doing the volunteer rota now
Sandra creative writing- 6 members
Knitter Knatter group on Wednesdays
NHS will train 3 of our volunteers for a reading scheme for those
with dementia
Teacher from St Paul's school has expressed interest to bring
children's reading group here
Yoga Tuesdays 7pm
Pilates Tuesday morning and Saturday Morning
Financial matters or legal matters of the lease- those who are
most closely involved with those (Joanna and Kate) are absent
Financially we are ok- we are applying for grants, including the
Co-Op, Friern Barnet Educational Trust both of which we will
know more about in the next few weeks
Lease negotiation has been going on- one issue is Barnet council
are saying for a 25yr lease, but trustees feel a 10 year lease would
be better. Issue also around what grant they'll offer us
Richard Cornelius has been to visit, to try to get him to support
the library
More information on the situation of the lease will be given at the
AGM which will be in February 2018
Fundraising- quizzes by Simon has been successful, hopefully
another one will come soon but date TBC
Looking for suggestions for fundraisers or grants
£157.77 raised from the McMillan coffee morning
James arranged Friern Barnet Cubs group to visit the Librarygood
comments from them about how well the event was
organised- Brownies group have expressed interest
Activities like 'find the Harry Potter book'- one hour visits (90
minutes including walking) 6-7:30 is when their activities run
Council leaders question time- first 2 have happened- 3 more to
Save Barnet Libraries group made complaint to DCMS that
Barnet Council aren't providing a good enough service- with the
Minister at the moment- stops disabled people getting in as well
due to the key pad, toilets closed
Barnet libraries are being left empty- childrens area has been
Overall message from meeting is that the services isn't good
Degradation of libraries been going on for years but Silip isn't
doing much
As a library- our key focus is to survive and keep going- We as a
library are unable to support the movements to save libraries as it
isn't appropriate
Anne Storey
Feels library is looking a huge amount better- thanks to LWG
including Suzy and Dave and others
Opening catalogue soon but many things needed:
Training manuals, training trustees, training volunteers- trying to
make things as simple as possible
Aiming for early next year for this to start
Data protection issues- what do we keep, how do we keep it
Membership- £5 membership is membership of charity and how
the library works- voting at AGMs
Library borrower membership- to borrow a book you'll need to
get a membership to get books out
Need to agree these first before we launch it
Finished cataloguing almost all the books- foreign language
books is difficult
Children's area- now has movable shelving
Non fiction area to be made smaller
Fact books will hopefully have a new shelf
Fiction needs weeding
Some books on dementia have been bought but more needs to be
Electronic system will help to keep track of books, can send out
overdue books- but we won't be charging
Hampstead Garden Suburb library have provided a lot of support
to know how the systems work there. Their setting up was
different because their library wasn’t closed down, library is
much smaller and not open as many hours.
ID will be needed to prove who the person is to join to borrow
Hampstead Garden Suburb has explained by how the library cards
can be made
Library costs for library card will be under £1 per card- May
charge £1 for lost cards but free for first card
Hampstead Garden Suburb- they use the Barnet library card but
it's a different system. We won't do that because it will result in
people bringing books from other libraries to here, which we can't
Suggestion- "supporter" for the £5 membership and "borrower"
for the use of the library
Suggestion of computerised membership for yearly reminders
Catalogue will be put on the internet- discussions with Colin
about this- the catalogue will be on one area that's online and the
membership will be separate- DOB won't be asked
Library system is the same used by schools and many
System costs- £1300 annually including VAT- very cheap for
library systems
Penny - Notices on windows are faded or out dated- also too
many on the window – Hugh promised to attend to these.
Newsletter- things are out of date or not proof read. Hugh would
notify Martin.
Suggestion- put the minutes in the newsletter
Issue with membership- no reminder that membership is running
out, issue of when should the year run to and from
Next open meeting - provisionally on the 9th of May (TBC)

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